6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello, we would love to be able to get some more copies of your book, “The Heart of the Race Problem: The Life of Kelly Miller”. We sold our last copy that was our display copy. We have at least three people interested in getting a copy. Thanks in advance for your helping us out.

  2. Gwendolyne C. Brown says:

    Loretta Tillery referred you to me. I belong to The National Associstion of Parliamentarians (in Washington, DC. We are trying to get some of our materials archived. Hope that you can help me. My phone no. is home 202-526-5717; cell 202-246-1804. We are having our annual mtg tomorrow. I just received you info today.

  3. BmoreProjects says:

    Hello: I’d like a copy of your book on Kelly Miller. I’m also writing an article for Baltimore Magazine on the Johns Hopkins enslaver saga. I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss my independent research on it being known as the Body Snatcher Hospital. My email is BmoreProjects@gmail.com @BmoreProjects on Twitter. Thanks, Keesha Ha

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